Make all birds in the flock happy so they can directly fly to their friends without crashing into each other. Help them by rearranging the birds via drag&drop, so that none of the friend lines intersect.

Endless replay: every time you solve a level, the difficulty increases by adding more birds with randomly generated   friendship relations.

WARNING: does not yet work on mobile devices.

WARNING 2: Game may (but should not) sometimes generate graphs that can not be solved. If this happens, click on "Quit" and then "Start Game", which will re-generate the level.


UnFlock is based on the excellent Planarity game by John Tantalo.

Many thanks to the creators and contributors of the Bevy game engine and the Bevy webgl2 plugin.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorCentral Gaming System
Made withGIMP, Rust, Inkscape
Tags2D, bevy, Difficult, DRM Free, Non violent, Open Source
LicenseMIT License
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksSource code

Development log


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great work
hope you enjoy the game

I broke it by being stupid. Didn't realise I had to click the victory button the 1st level, so quit. Upon starting a new game the victory no longer appears.

Good game though :)

Thanks for the report.
I'll either add an intro screen or remove the already solved puzzle in one of the next versions.

Victory Button not re-appearing should be fixed with the latest update.

Nice Game, seems to be quite performant :)

Two feature ideas:
  • It would be nice, to select multiple birds and move them as a group.
  • It would be quite helpful, to be able to mirror a group horizontally / vertically.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I'll add them to the todo list.

I broke itOne is off the screen


Oh no 😱
Will add this to the list of todos. Thanks for reporting.

@Aw3y, should be fixed in the new version.


This is deceptively fun. At least I think I'm having fun. Am I having fun or just doing work of some sort? I keep on playing, anyhow.

Thanks for the feedback. Glad that you like the challenge :-)